22 October 2009

Touch of Autumn

I wanted to post a photo this morning and call this entry White World, but there wasn't as much snow at the park and ride as at our house. The sun didn't come up until halfway through my walk along the riverfront, so I have no photos to show of our wonderful white blanket.
I try very hard each year to exercise some self-restraint and hold back on the Christmas-themed attire until after Halloween. But this year, I could not resist the temptation. Yesterday's storm enticed me to wear a snowflake sweater. And today I'm wearing a snowflake turtleneck!
It's all about staying warm, right?!?


  1. You may not have captured exactly what you wanted, but you still got some really great shots. I love them. Makes me miss the cold.

  2. This is my first time in your blog, and I am officially your fans :-)
    Those pictures are really nice, this makes me wanted to visit Colorado again next autumn :-)

  3. Hi..It's raining every day here in Southern Norway..Wonderful shots..


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