20 October 2009

Eye Candy

A few weeks ago, NatureFootsteps commented on one of my photos, and when I visited HER Swedish blog, I was intrigued by HER photo manipulation challenges, although I am not always sure I fully understand all HER instructions after running them through a freebie translator.

HER current challenge is to use alternate coloring (as best I can understand). I love running a photo though filters that render it wild and/or extreme, then making rainbow variations to stick in a digital quilt.

I haven't had time lately to do any real quilting, so digital quilting fills the gap until I can sit down at my sewing machine (or Amish quilt frame). And you never know... I may end up quilting some of these very designs in fabric I print myself! I got a little carried away with this project and made more than one digital quilt. I guess you could say I'm going through withdrawals...

For HER challenges, NatureFootsteps suggests Sumo for those who do not have PhotoShop. I'd never heard of it. You must have a fast internet connection to use it, but it has many tools similar to the Adobe program. The daisy photo was manipulated using Sumo, and all the montages and snowflake photos were manipulated with my PhotoShop dinosaur.

snowflakeI crocheted a snowflake, and then my husband held it up to the sky so I could shoot it with a fill flash.

snowflake fractalI used a Fractalius filter with a crayon setting and then bumped up the saturation to create the above version.

pretty in pinkI altered the hue 16 times and made an entire rainbow army of snowflakes.

wowsa!One of my favorite digital quilts EVER!!!

think pinkOriginal image of crocheted snowflake on batik fabric.

little pink aliensI created 15 different kaleidoscopes in Photoshop and picked the 12 I like best. This one came out pretty cool because the pink ribbons became little aliens. Kinda of apropos for Halloween, don't you think?

quilted crochetA kaleidoscope quilt of crocheted snowflakes with pink ribbons. This one would be so cool to crochet, just like this, and then quilt onto bright blue fabric and decorate with pink satin ribbon!

summer ended too soonOriginal image of wildflowers near Crested Butte, Colorado.

check out the heart-shaped water droplets!Six different kaleidescopes were created in Sumo, and then the six resulting images were montaged and bordered in Photoshop.

* I have no monetary interest in any of the software or websites mentioned here and am not being compensated for mentioning them; I just love manipulating photos, and I love sharing my experience.


  1. wow, you had a lot of fun. :) The shallenge was about changing the color of a subject. You made a lot. I love all of it. You used a translation program? And you did great. You are my first english participant. That is great, now I will translate for you next time.
    If you are interested you can visit my main blog where I have a post on the theme. The link will take you there.

  2. oh, I forgot, I am a woman, not a man :)

  3. Now I've changed color on ME!!! I am red! And so sorry! I've given you a sex change operation!!! :D

  4. Paint.net is a good free alternative to Photoshop. I use it for a lot of things.


  5. Wow your pictures are really great!


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