08 February 2024

Winter Blues

One of my 2024 digital temperature quilts so far is one of my favorite digital creations to date. It's the first thing I think of each morning when I get up, and each day, I can't wait to do the next block.

I've been saving the individual blocks so I can create other digital art with them. I sometimes have fun playing with them on my phone.

The color scheme for this segment initially was a test to see if I'd like a real crochet temperature project worked with just my hand-dyed blues. I came up with the idea last year, before I realized I don't ever want to use up all my hand-dyed thread.

I had started another digital temperature project using the colors of my charm square stash in a different layout than the one I used for 2023 to see if that would help me learn to love the color scheme. Before January ended, I was already sick of that color scheme again. So I redid the entire month in all blues, another test of whether I could live with a whole year of blues. Oh, my gosh, so far, I absolutely LOVE the look!!!

I should have known I would love an all-blue hand-dyed crochet project.

So now I've created this HUGE dilemma. I would LOVE a lacy temperature scarf created from all (or most of) my hand-dyed blues. I have more than enough colors to create an all-blue temperature scale! However, I don't want to use up all my blues!!! I LOVE my blues. I actually love creating new blues. I love creating gradient snowflakes with my hand-dyed blues. The last few days, I've been really, really, really tempting myself because I just don't have time right now, but...

I can dye MORE blues!!! I can dye again!!!

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