27 February 2024

An Early Spring

On one hand, I'm looking at the calendar and thinking how in the heck we got to March so quick. On the other hand, holy cow, it looks like we are going to get an early spring!

Over the weekend, I saw my first robin of the year. It may have been here longer, but it was the first time I've seen one in quite a while.

The reservoirs and ponds nearby never truly froze all the way across this winter, except for the three-day negative double digit stretch back in... I can't even remember now! Mid-January, I think.

Although I love winter and can't wait for the next opportunity to shoot snowflakes, it's really awesome to see spring coming on full bore. Indoors, my new amaryllises are all putting up blossoms, but in the garden, my goodness, all the volunteer sunflowers and larkspur trying to come up!!! Woohoo! Unless we get a hard freeze that takes them all out... (There should be plenty of volunteer and bird-scattered seeds still on or in the ground to constitute a whole new crop!)

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  1. Same here! I saw chives coming up yesterday. Saw the first robin and sandhill cranes two weeks ago - unprecedentedly early. Can't quite wrap my head around the fact that it's still February!


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