13 July 2023

Another Month Bites the Dust

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The end of the first half of the year has come an awful lot quicker than expected, but that means I've got some new digital temperature quilt segments to show off.

And new Spoonflower fabric on the way!

My 2023 Gunnison digital temperature quilt, which I'm doing corner to corner, is coming out really aweome.

I love the Gunnison color scheme. (Can I say I like their temperatures better than mine, too? Even though they've actually been a degree or two warmer than the Denver metro area a few times.)

I love the modified circles, and my six-month compilation inspires me to get back to the sewing machine as soon as I can. (It's been since about October, I think. Owie!)

Charm Square Mock-up, 1 Jan-5 Jul 2023

My 2023 digital temperature charm square quilt mockup is making me thankful I didn't begin the quilt with actual charm squares in January. I am not fond of the mockup at all. If I'd been doing this quilt in fabric, I would have quit early in June because I just don't like the finished look.

I've decided I probably need to change my color scale, and good to know now rather than a third of the way into an actual fabric project. I don't know that my scrap charm squares in yellow, red and orange will get used if I do embark on the temperature quilt challenge in fabric in 2024. But perhaps I can one day create a warm hues temperature scale using only those colors. Who knows?

I didn't like the first red and orange that went into my favorite 2023 digital temperature project, the snowflake quilt. There will be more of the warm colors not as visually appealing to me in the next few weeks, so hopefully the initial warm tones won't look so out of place by the time the year is done. Right now, however, to me, they are just eye sores. And ugly!

I have to keep reminding myself how much I love last year's full-year digital snowflake temperature quilt, even though it contains snowflake duplicates and some of the snowflakes are not white. Patience, Grasshopper! This year's will be perfect!

I guess at the end of the year, if I really don't like those warm blotches, I could just redo the red and orange blocks with cool spectrum shades I haven't yet used. Perhaps I will do that regardless of how the final digital project looks and have two versions of 2023 with 712 unique snowflakes... Hmmm... now there's an idea that's super bubbly in my imagination stew!

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  1. They look great to me - I don't see the warm colors as harsh, but as interesting pops of contrast. But I'm sure any changes you come up with will only make it even more awesome.

    That Gunnison quilt does look amazing!


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