09 August 2022

Zucchini Time

I rotated my raised-bed garden crops this year, and the tomato plants are not as happy as they were last year. The zucchini plant, however, is where the tomatoes were last year and gets much more sun than the tomatoes. I got two zukes last year. This year, I have three so far!!! And the first one was ripe over the weekend!!!

Last year, I made zucchini boats twice, like what I used to make for my kids when they were young. They LOVED zucchini boats with turkey sausage, tomato sauce and lots of cheese. Lizard does not care for zucchini at all. Not even zucchini noodles. Darn!!! I ate my zucchini boats alone.

Over the weekend, I made healthy zucchini bread. And Lizard loves it!!!

I don't have as many tomatoes this year because they aren't getting as much sun as last year. (Lesson learned.) Lizard also does not eat tomatoes. So I get to eat what I grow all by myself. (No complaints there!!!) Unless I make homemade, homegrown spaghetti sauce, into which I typically add some zucchini, fresh from the garden (along with fresh from the garden shredded onions, carrots, peppers, oregano, basil and store-bought mushrooms and olives). I think I'll have to save a few tomatoes from the next couple of harvests so I can use up another one of the zukes for one of Lizard's favorite meals!


  1. He does'nt like zucchini, but likes zucchini bread, I think I get it. Probably because the zuke is all hidden and delicious with sugar and what not..I got a huge one at the store it was about 1', I grated some for cake, some for whatever else you can do with it. In the middle of winter it will be good, and hearty

  2. We love zucchini! Happy zucchini- and tomato-eating.


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