02 August 2022

Bearly Caught

At the beginning of last month, a bear cub made its way across our little lavender farm as I was administering Lizard's early morning medication. By the time I ran for my camera and returned to the window, the little skedaddler was already three fences down. I suspect he got separated from his mom and was trying to get away from curious humans as fast as possible. Oh, how I wished I could have snapped a shot of him in the lavender!

Just a few days later, Lizard awoke and noticed a bigger black bruin dozing in the lavender. He hobbled as quickly as he could to wake me and encourage me to start taking photos! The sky on the other side of the fence was even orange!!! Would have made such a GREAT photo!!! Alas, the bear was long gone by the time the camera powered up. Unfortunately, the damage the animal did to the lavender garden remained...

We knew lavender was relaxing, right??? I was able to put the mulch back into place and cover up the tarp and carboard beneath. The larger lavenders have fared well. I worried about the smallest plant. It looked SO squished!!!

To my delighted surprise, the squished lavender is making a comeback, too!!!

I really wished I could have snapped a photo of a happy bear in a lavender bed. What a fantastic greeting card that would have made!!! Heck, I could even use it in a calendar! I started wondering if perhaps I could draw the scene. Or... maybe even quilt it!!! Shy about drawing these days because it's been so long, I'm not sure I can anymore, I tried my hand at artificial intelligence.

... and was not too impressed at all.

I tried Photoshop filters and lenses.

Not exactly what I wanted, but kind of cute to show my grands. What it leaves me is back to the drawing board. Literally.

In the meantime, while I work on my drawing skills, I've been treated to a pair of bear sightings in Waterton Canyon. Photographers have been sharing photos of a black bear, a black bear with a cub, a cinnamon bear, and... the very same bear I have now seen twice. I cannot even begin to explain how exciting this was for me because I have never seen a two-tone bear, other than pandas in zoos.

And I haven't even begun to edit the photos yet!!!

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