18 August 2022

Elephant Rock

They don't call me Queen of the Last Minute fer nothin'...

The quilting on this baby was finished at 10:24 p.m., and I have to work in the morning, so the binding is going to have to wait until probably this weekend.

Nevertheless, it was good practice, and I'm so relieved to know I don't have to take Ringo (my longarm) in for servicing just yet.

I decided to do this practice piece before I begin quilting Matthew's quilt because I want Matthew's quilt to be perfect. I've been having tension problems again with Ringo, and I started out this elephant whole cloth (drawn in chalk by me) with a broken needle. Three stitches in. I couldn't find the broken needle tip, and I was afraid it might be caught somehow in the quilt or in the machine. Thankfully, I found the needle fragment on the floor as I was burying thread ends. And ever so thankfully, we didn't find it in our feet!!!

I still think Ringo will go in for servicing because I think it needs calibration. But it did a great job on this quilt, once I got the new needle in place. I had to look up how to put the new needle in again; but once I got the technique, that step was a breeze, too. And now, once I get this thing bound, I won't be as nervous about loading Matthew's quilt onto the longarm!

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  1. Wow, Deb, fantastic job! And I'm glad you found the needle tip (painlessly).


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