26 July 2022


Yes, we were vaccinated nearly a year ago, and no, we do not have any symptoms. We do, however, have new shingles on our old roof, and oh, are they pretty!

We've had drive-by companies hammering us to let them replace our roof for about three or four years now. We've had a few good hail storms, and our home is celebrating its vicenary anniversary this year. Fun word, right??? Did you catch the name of my snowflake yesterday???

Our roof didn't quite have enough damage. Until after last December's windstorms. Particularly the one that decimated an entire community about 70 miles north of our home.

That particular windstorm sounded like a train repeatedly hitting up against the side of our house. I thought I shot a movie of our shingles flapping in the wind, but I guess I got only stills. Seven businesses and 1,084 homes were lost in the Marshall fire. We got to keep our home, and for that, I am extremely grateful. But our roof was toast.

The whole process of getting a new roof has taken several months, with the insurance company and the contractor duking it out, plus the homeowner's association's approval process. We changed the color to match other yellow homes in our neighborhood, and the time it took to approve an approved color made us wonder if we'd accidentally checked off that we were building a skyscraper or putting in a petting zoo.

the original roof

It looked like we might get a pink roof when the materials were delivered!

Lizard had warned me I would need to wear earplugs while working from home on installation day. This was my first new roof ever. And boy, did Lizard ever get it right! I ended up apologizing to the neighbors for the early morning wake-up pounding. And we supplied much-appreciated ice cold water, Gatorade and Pepsi for the crew, who literally cooked atop our roof trying to beat the 95 degrees the thermometer hit just half an hour after they finished.

Oh, and our leaky and damaged gutter got replaced, too. We got rain for the first time in three months the next day. And the basement didn't flood!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! And, now I can finish the rest of the rockwork below the downspout.

Now, it's done, and it feels like a whole new house. Who knew a new roof could make us feel like we bought a new home!

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