05 July 2022

Avalanche of Memories

Last Thursday was the first time I missed a championship parade since I moved to Colorado. No complaints, really. Lizard would not have been able to handle the crowds, and I would not have made a wise choice if I'd left him alone the duration of the event.

I worked from home, and Lizard watched the parade on television. We wore the shirts I bought the last time the Avalanche brought home the Stanley Cup, back in 2001, but not in time for that year's parade. I waited all summer for the prices to go down. Ha ha! And the shirts have lasted all this time!

So many memories from 21 years ago. My kids were young then. They got such a kick out of all the championship parades. They loved making posters and standing on the street corner to garner honks and cheers from passing automobiles. I remember working the concession stand during Avalanche games to earn money for my daughter's band trips. I never got to watch a game until I began dating Lizard, and we watched a playoff game while at Zax in Moab. The Avs didn't win that year, but watching a playoff game over one of the best pizzas in the world, in my opinion, sort of became a tradition. We'd plan our Moab trips around the playoffs when the Avs were in the hunt.

One of the most bittersweet memories is the tie I embroidered by hand, with my own chalked-on design of the Avs logo after the first Avs championship in 1996. I totally gave it to the wrong person. I hadn't met Lizard at that point. He's a much better recipient. I guess I'll have to make another Colorado Avalanche tie one day. I need to get a photo of it this time!

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