21 July 2022


I was hoping to finish piecing all the blocks for Matthew's quilt by now so I could perhaps finish quilting it this weekend. The eighth block is nearly done, and the ninth block hopefully will be done by Friday.

Progress is being made, but not as fast as I'd like.

I had originally planned to make 12 blocks, borrowing three from another calendar pattern, because I'm sort of a 3x4 girl. But I've now run out of the darkest color from the Stonehenge iron ore fat quarter, and I had to piece the dark blocks for the sixth, seventh and eighth blocks because I didn't have any pieces big enough. The ninth block will be lucky to get a tiny triangle of the darkest color.

As a result, I am now reconsidering the 3x4 layout. I may go with the nine blocks in the pattern and just try to come up with a fancy sashing to make the quilt top big enough for a young man. I've been using up small leftovers from Lizard's 11th and 9th quilts (six years ago!!!), which feels super rewarding, but those remnants are almost gone now, too.

Matthew's birthday is in September, and I'm feeling confident I will have it to him on time this year. But I'm not sure I'm going to have a WIP finish this month. I'm doing my best, but just not at warp speed this time around.

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