08 February 2022

Be a Snowflake

I can't remember if I ever shared the above image when I created it, but if I didn't, I certainly meant to. If I have already shared it, well, my message still applies. I would love to create posters with many of my crocheted snowflakes stating this same message.

I can't say it enough, and I will never use the word snowflake in a degrading manner. Actually, I have been trying really hard not to say anything negative about anyone. I'm not always successful, but it is a continuing goal. I want to spread sunshine. And I must confess, I'd like to spread snowflakes, too. They make me happy. Even when my fingers are freezing because I can't operate my camera as well when I'm wearing gloves!

I recently was asked by our missionaries if I could show them how I shoot real snowflakes. They asked if they could take pictures of me shooting real snowflakes. Then they asked if I could write something spiritual about snowflakes that might help someone else going through a difficult time. Then they asked if they could post the photos of me with what I wrote so others could read it.

I think it turned out rather well! I think this is some of the best snowflake love I could have shared!

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Dusty words lying under carpets,
seldom heard, well must you keep your secrets
locked inside, hidden deep from view?
You can talk to me... (Stevie Nicks)

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