06 February 2022

7th Annual Make a Snowflake Day

Well, I sort of dropped the ball on this year's Snowflake Ball. I just returned from a week at my mother-in-law's, and I sort of forgot about today until today.

I worked on my snowflake skirt while I was taking some time away from work and my computer, but I didn't get the crocheted lace done. (Yet!!! There is still hope for an added bonus to tomorrow's pattern, which is based on the lace pattern I designed for the skirt hem!) I didn't schedule another virtual get-together because I was away and not really thinking about our Seventh Annual Snowflake Ball. But, in going back through my previous Snowflake Ball images, I discovered I actually did create one for this year! Amazing!!!

Hard to believe now because it seems like a lifetime ago, but I actually created the above image while editing photos from Winter Storm Delphine back in December. We got another eight or so inches last week while I was gone, but I totally missed out on that storm (although a bunch of it remains on the ground outside my house). However, I did get to shoot a few Winter Storm Landon flakes at altitude. It was the first time Lizard and I have been above 10,000 feet in more than two years!!!

Now, don't go thinking we were cross-country skiing or anything exciting and adventurous! We merely drove up the Grand Mesa after the storm (which did not deposit any of the glorious white stuff in the city where my mother-in-law lives) specifically to see if there were any snowflakes I could photograph. We found swirls of flakes in the sunny breeze atop the Mesa, and I spent about an hour shooting some of the most gorgeous snowflakes I've ever seen up close. I had to stop shooting when my fingers got too cold to manipulate the camera.

Happy Make a Snowflake Day! I hope you make a snowflake today! I did! I'll share it tomorrow!


  1. Wow, those are very beautiful snowflakes indeed!

  2. Geeze. You do more when you can't sleep than I do when I am fully awake. :) What awesome, awesome snowflake photos!

    1. Thank you, Maryann! I do love snowflakes... more than sleep!!! :)


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