08 April 2021

Lizard Toes

When I first began this quilt seven years ago, it was to replace Dancing Lizards, the quilt I began when Lizard and I first started dating. Dancing Lizards hung in the Denver National Quilt Festival in 2008, my first exhibition quilt ever.

Dancing Lizards was becoming a little boring back in 2015. That's a LOT of years on a bed! Now the quilt seriously needs to be replaced! This photo is from 2019. I'm embarrassed to show how beat up that poor little golden lizard is now. He's in worse shape than my Lizard!

It was fun to read the history of Lizard Toes while writing this blog post. I had forgotten so much! I remembered naming the quilt Lizard Toes because I cut out SO many lizard toes. I don't think I could do that in one sitting today!!!

At one point, I vowed to finish appliquéing one lizard every day until all the blocks were done. I don't know what happened after Day 24; the project got put away until now. I suspect the lizards went into hibernation the first of three times my now 39-year-old Viking Husqvarna (now on permanent retreat) decided it was ready to retire. It was in the shop for about six weeks. That's just long enough for me to forget about a project I haven't touched in a while. Unfortunately.

My goal for this year is to finish one WIP quilt each month and be down into single digits by the end of the year. I've completed one WIP so far each month. That got me brave. I set a new goal on April 1 of finishing a block a day. Doesn't matter which block. Just do a block. A WIP or something new. Just finish a block. Here is a scrappy block-a-day project I finished in 2017. I hoped to recreate the same amount of joy this treasure brought.

Along came April 4, and I still hadn't finished a single block. I had forgotten I had school-glued the lizards in place because it made the appliqué process so much smoother (and the blocks lay so much flatter). Zig zagging now is super easy and relatively fast. I finished four blocks that night, and now I'm up to 12 blocks on April 8. Only 12 blocks to go!!! Perhaps I might finish this quilt this month!!! We certainly need it. Although our need right now is primarily to make the bedroom look pretty again. It's getting warm enough we don't actually need a quilt at night any longr.

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  1. Ohhhh I like these new lizard colors!! and YES!! you always need more quilts ( cold or not haha)

    1. Thank you, Alycia! Yes, as soon as I typed it was getting too warm for quilts at night, we got another forecast of a big four-day snow!!! (I should keep my fingers away from the keyboard this time of year, shouldn't I?!?) Glad my hyacinths are almost done; this next storm is going to wipe out what's left of them!!!

  2. Oh, those poor old Lizard Toes on Dancing Lizards! Here's hoping that you make some good progress on your new quilt this quarter. My heart goes out to you and Lizard as you make your way through his Parkinson's journey.

  3. Super progress on the lizards. I look forward to seeing a finished top.


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