17 December 2020

Denim Doodah

Six years ago, I wrote tongue-in-cheek about denim whiskers. It's even bigger a thing now than it was then!!! Websites have pages dedicated to the fad!!!


What are "whiskers"?

Denim Hunters

A denim vocabulary?!?
(Turns out I'm a denimhead...)

More denim than you ever thought possible

Fashion Statement

I've saved old jeans for ages. At one point, way back in the early '80s, I was making a puzzle quilt from Ragtime and Elephant Ear jeans I'd worn as a teenager, along with straight-leg jeans from my four younger brothers handed down so many times, I had just about every shade of super pastel indigo you could imagine.

Alas, my first (and former) husband ignited the entire project (along with many other WIPs) in a burn barrel back in about 1987 because he thought the grocery bags I stored everything in were trash. There was a rainbow sweater in there I'd been knitting for my youngest sister for about three years. There were T-shirts from all my siblings' band and choir days. All my concert T-shirts were in there. Even my prized Fleetwood Mac T-shirt. (No, that's not why we divorced, but it was pretty traumatic!)

I started a new jeans collection immediately after, and I've made a good many projects since then. I'm always on the lookout for new ideas. And old jeans!

I no longer have the first (or second or third) denim skirt or the one-of-a-kind classic '80s blazer (each pattern piece came from a different pair of jeans) I fashioned from old jeans back in the '80s, but I do still have the vest I made in approximately 1995...

... and the jean jacket I made from three different pairs of ice-wash jeans in about 1998.

I've had four or five denim reindeer bodies ready to be assembled since about 1999. I finally finished one last weekend because I decided our electric fireplace needed one. And because it was a WIP, and because it's nearly Christmas, and because it felt good to play with denim again.

And look what I found when I was looking for buttons I could use for eyes for the denim reindeer! Remember these?!? Remember prices like this?!?

Here are some wonderful ideas for denim rugs. I might have to get creative and do something floorish with all the jeans hems one day after I get done cutting up the next batch that's destined for a quilt. (No more new WIPS until I get a few done, but I'm dreaming about a flannel and denim rag quilt!)

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  1. What fun you are having with denim - you denimhead you - haha!! I had no idea there was a vocabulary!!! One year I decided to sell all our old wranglers on ebay and holee cow - people paid more for old worn out ones than we did when they were new!

  2. Traumatic, in my world, would have been an understatement. What a loss. We are survivors aren't we.

  3. Oh, cute!!! Those reindeer are SEW darling, but your tale of (denim) woe is heartbreaking. I make T-quilts and I can't imagine my stash of special shirts and jeans (for the back of my quilt) going into the burn pile. :o((
    Thanks for all the links. Off to see if I'm a denimhead, too...

  4. Wow, those iron on patches brought back some memories! I too am a jeans saver. Have a pretty large stack of them sitting in the stash. They're handy for projects and for patching ... jeans!

    That vest was adorable.


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