10 December 2020

Flimsy Whimsy

I haven't done incredibly well finishing WIPs this year, even though I have finished three existing projects, a new quilt for my newest nephew, a new quilt for my newest grandson, and three brand new quilts for my neighbors' grandkids. My goal at the beginning of the year was one WIP finish each month. 

Of course, I wanted those finishes to all be from my WIP list, and I wanted my WIP list to be in the single digits by January 2021. But eight quilts finished is better than no quilts, WIPs or not. So my revised goal for this quarter was one WIP finish each in October, November and December. 

Leave it to me to finally get back to my sewing machine the first week of the final month! 

I don't know if I can realistically finish three quilts this month, but I do have them picked out, and one is a Christmas present. However, it's not the one I pulled out of the WIP pile to convert into a flimsy by the end of this week. You might say I decided to attack the most difficult project first. If I can finish this flimsy this week, the other two potential finishes might actually find their way under my longarm before the end of the month. But that's such a huge "if".

Spent last weekend rewording "99 Bottles of Rootbeer on the Wall" ... 

84 HSTs on the mat, 84 HSTs,
Match and slice, chain and press all night,
83 HSTs on the mat!

After finishing all the newest half-square triangles, I played with a different design than what I'd initially planned. I might actually go with this one, or something similar.

Alas, now comes the hardest part. This is the reason this project has been on hold so long. I'm sure I'll be squaring up for a few days. Not my favorite part of the project. But oh, how it pays off in the end.

Perhaps I might even fashion another yarn cone tree from the strip trimmings...

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  1. Ohhh I am liking where your half square project is going... that layout is just fantastic!!!

  2. I like how you used your colors! This will be awesome!

  3. Super cute Christmas tree and a spectacular quilt in the making!!

  4. Eight finished quilts is great!

    What a cute tree.


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