09 July 2020

A Sunday Morning Quilt

Literally! And it made me feel on top of the world because I was finally able to finish something!

Now, this is not a pattern from the "Sunday Morning Quilts" book, but I made the quilt in one morning. A Sunday morning. Really! The project was liberating in many ways.

For the last three months, I've not been able to do much sewing or quilting, other than masks. Instead, I have been working furiously on a necessary landscaping project when I'm not working full time (from home) or taking care of my husband (also sometimes a full-time job). My neighbors have literally been dropping everything when they see me working in my backyard to come help with all the heavy stuff. They know I'm not supposed to lift, and they know Lizard can no longer lift.

As we worked together (but distant) on Saturday, July 4, they told me it was their grandson's birthday. They later brought over a batch of the banana pudding he requested because they know it's Lizard's favorite, and they said the party would have an underwater theme. I'd been trying to come up with something special I could do for them to thank them for their priceless service. I have a bunch of ocean-themed leftovers from one of the quilts I made for one of my own grands.

That night, I went through my stash and couldn't believe I have 24 different ocean fabrics! My easy standby quilt pattern came into my mind, and the next morning, I cut all the blocks and sashing. After home church, I pieced the two different quilt tops, making this quilt reversible. I made the difficult and heart-rending decision to take Lizard's quilt off the longarm and put it away for now so I could use the longarm.

I asked Lizard if he would feel like I was giving up on him if I put his quilt away.

"I can't work on it right now," he replied. "You should be able to use the longarm, so go ahead."

About half an hour later, the simple wave-like quilting was done, and the binding took maybe another half an hour. I initially had planned to use the same fabric for the sashing and the binding, but I didn't have enough of any solid blue for both, so two colors will suffice.

Everything came from stash. I didn't have to buy a single thing. Eventually I will have to get more batting; I think I have enough for only two more quilts now.

I delivered the quilt to my neighbors on the afternoon of July 5, and I told them I will make quilts for the two other grandsons if they will let me know what theme and give me a couple of weeks of advance notice. Turns out one birthday is in three weeks, and the other is next month. Both grandkids are addicted to dinosaurs. (That's a direct quote from the grandparents!) I have plenty of dinosaur fabric in my stash. also left over from quilts I made for my own grandkids, as well as clothing I made for my adopted kids more than two decades ago.

I also have to make a quilt for my newest grandson, who will be making his debut in about 11 more days. I'm planning to incorporate one of the curtains I made for my adopted daughter's bedroom back in the '90s. More stash will be put to use to bring this project to life.

Let the stash busting begin!

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  1. This is so awesome!! A beautiful quilt, great neighbors... and banana pudding!! You can't beat that!

    1. Thank you, Alycia! And yes, banana pudding. That's what it's all about! It was gone in two days!!!

  2. We are so lucky to have you and Brett as our neighbors - we appreciate y'all very much! Our grandson was over the moon excited when I presented the quilt to him - his eyes lit up with pure joy when he seen all the different ocean theme prints. His favorite is the beautiful jelly fish! Thank you again so much for taking time out of your very busy life to make this for him.

    1. We are the blessed ones, Lori! So delighted your little guy loved his quilt! The jelly fish were what gave me the idea for the original quilt, which was called Jelly Shelly. It had shells and jellies!

  3. Wow! Beware of a quilter on a mission!!! Did the other two (three) quilts make it on your UFO List? Off to check...

    1. The two I haven't cut out yet? No, didn't even think about it until after Tuesday, and I think that probably was the deadline. But that's okay. Now that the longarm is free, perhaps I can get some WIP quilting done... (after the kid quilts, of course)

  4. You are a super quilter! Love those ocean fabrics.

    I also loved the glimpses of Lizard behind the quilts. Good times.

    1. Thank you, Sue! I hope Lizard soon will feel up to holding quilts for me again, as well as many, many even better things!


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