17 October 2019

Cold Color

My avocado pit dye jars are inside for winter now. I let my socks, my scrunchie, one more hank of crochet thread, Lizard's tie and two more fat quarters solar cook in the living room window for two additional weeks, but only the socks and scrunchie took up more color.

That tie looks pretty darned sharp, though, don't you think???

The crochet thread actually did get a tiny bit darker, but you have to look really close to see the difference. Nevertheless, I'm going to have fun using it. I LOVE the crochet thread shades I got!

The smaller dye jar, with the skins, doesn't seem to be getting any darker, so I may go ahead and incorporate it into the compost bin. I need to start making more room for the amaryllises chilling in the basement. I'm going to start bringing them out one at a time each week beginning in November, hoping for flowers all the way through March. The absence of the skin jar isn't going to make a whole lot of new space, but maybe on warmer days I could put the avocado pit jars out in the sun while it's warm, then bring them back inside overnight, and it won't matter that they don't have a window seat.

I was hoping for time to make at least one quilt block with the natural-dyed fat quarters. Perhaps the forced delay will give me more time to decide what I want them to become. Sometimes I entertain the idea of designing a patchwork dress. But a natural-dyed quilt is tugging at my creative juices, too.

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  1. Great when you get one you enjoy indeed. Tie sure isn't too shabby too.

    1. Thanks, Pat! Lizard loves the tie! I need to get a photo of us all decked out!

  2. Great color!! I think it is so interesting that the avocado does not give you green - that's where my mind goes.. and flowers every week - lovely!


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