24 October 2019

Off Track

Today I celebrate 200 consecutive days of walking and keeping track of my mileage. The first hundred days were recorded on Charity Miles. Changes in how that app and organization worked over the years resulted in me deleting the app and keeping track of my own miles. Today I hit 287 miles in the last 100 days, and I've decided I'm not going to keep track anymore.

Why? Because I walk every day. I've been walking every day for more than two years. Charity Miles didn't always keep accurate track of my miles if I didn't start a new day within 24 hours of the completion of my previous walk. I got pretty disgusted with the app back then and used it only for the charitable donations I thought it was making on behalf of my walks. When it finally began keeping track of streaks without that 24-hour fluke, I was ecstatic. Made it a whole 100 days before realizing no charitable donations were being made in my behalf because I didn't sign up for sponsor spam email advertisements. I ditched the app because I can make my own charitable contributions without stuffing my inbox.

My leisure internet time and access are limited, and I don't care to spend either deleting junk.

I started tracking my own miles, and I've never stopped making charitable contributions to worthy causes when I am able.

I'm still walking every day, and I'm not going to stop walking every day. It's good for me. It's good for Lizard.

I'm just not going to track walking miles anymore because, as I said, my streak now extends far beyond two years, and I'm not planning to stop. It is fun to see how the miles added up over time, but I'm tracking my cycling miles, and that's enough for me.

I'm tracking how many snowflakes I design. I'm tracking how many photos I take. I'm tracking how many times I do Ride the Rockies. I'm tracking how many visitors I get here. I'm tracking how many blog posts I've published. I'm tracking how many quilts I finish each year.

Who really cares about any of that except me???

I'd rather spend the time I spend tracking doing any of the things I'm tracking!!!

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  1. Yeah, sometimes you just have to say when and do what you enjoy more. Keeping track of the things that matter and are more fun to you is the way to be.


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