18 April 2019

Wanted: More Kindness

What is wrong with us when we allow this kind of isolationism and reclusiveness to go unchecked? Why do we not reach out to those who seem beyond lonely and feel rejected/abandoned/shunned?

"Neighbors thought some things about Sol Pais were a little off.

"'She didn't say hello, good morning, how are you. She kept to herself. She wasn't nasty but reclusive,' a neighbor, Jack Reiner, told Daily Mail.

"Another neighbor told Daily Mail: 'She was strange girl, quiet and withdrawn but then she was a teenager after all. She usually wore a black t-shirt and jeans but her look didn't strike me as unusual. She never looked looked anyone in the eye when they talked to her.'" - heavy.com, 04.17.2019

Why are we not taught and encouraged to reach out to these individuals, extend a hand of friendship and a shimmer of hope, and attempt to bring at least a molecule of joy into their lives?

Why are we so quick to judge someone as being a tad off instead of trying to make them feel welcome, included, appreciated?

Why do all the other politically correct voices get headlines and front pages? Why can't we pay more attention to the expression on our own faces that could make a difference in the world?

Why can't we smile at one another and mean it?

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