30 April 2019

The Birthday Adventures of Snowbow

"Just hook me up," Snowbow says with a grin
Hording yarn in an April fool spin.
So many colors, so little time;
Not willing to share... "It's all mine!"

14ers are calling,
And temptation is sprawling.
A ski route might be a go,
Setting Snowbow's imagination aglow!

Time for a bit of humid air!
Snowbow's ready for summer flair...
Heat won't stop him from having fun;
Just one more splash, and sweat will be done!

No time to yawn,
No marathon;
Training wheels are gone,
And young ones pedal off into the dawn!

Snowbow's now got it made;
Flowers are covering the glade!
Daffodils bring sunny smiles
And good wishes across the miles!

Snowbow's found an ocean ride
That will keep him from going back inside!
Must catch every single wave;
Great weather does he crave!

Gotta run
And stay in the sun...
Keeping in shape every day
And staying healthy in every way!

Easter spirit is running high,
And spring is not being shy.
Snowbow's filling his basket fast,
Hoping your day will be a blast!

Snowbow's getting ready to celebrate
With a basket Mom will create.
Goodies will surely come his way
'Cuz Mom's always trying to crochet!

Look at all the flowers today!
Snowbow's building a grand bouquet!
Blossoms galore cover the path
In spring's glorious aftermath!

Snowbow's found quite a slide
And can't resist a thrilling ride!
Might have to climb back up again
And repeat this joyous zen!

Snowbow certainly knows
The pleasure of sharing a rose.
Yes, there are thorns of which to beware
But to velvet can nothing compare!

Rafting season is almost here,
A pastime Snowbow can commandeer.
Bring on the biggest waves
And lots of bubbly raves!

Yet another flower in store;
Summer will bring a whole lot more!
Snowbow's enjoying every bloom
Because he knows fall will be here soon!

1 comment :

  1. haha sure sounds like he has it made and hopefully his wave won't get pulled the plug.


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