02 April 2019

The Birthday Adventures of Snowbow

Storms have left Snowbow feeling cold,
And winter is being rather bold.
Yet spring is but a few weeks away,
And then the flowers will come out to play!

The snow will stop flying soon,
And flowers everywhere will begin to bloom.
Snowbow's new friend patiently awaits
The beauty spring creates!

Snowbow’s eager to see the sun
Even though the snow has been fun;
It’s time to get seeds in the ground
Wherever soil can be found!

Warmer weather is growing close,
And that's what these characters love the most!
Can't wait for spring to arrive;
Can't wait for the garden to come alive!

Snowbow's found more new friends
Awaiting colorful springtime trends.
Snowbow wishes he too could fly,
Like the dragonflies way up high!

Snowbow's found a charming gift,
Just the perfect perky lift:
A touch of green to start your day,
A wish for luck sent your way.

Not too late for green, I see;
That mint frosting looks tasty!
You'll have to work fast to beat this bear;
Yummy treats he might not share!

Has the snow stopped for once and for all?
Can we soon enjoy spring at our hall?
Snowbow thinks the mercury is rising,
And pretty blooms soon will be surprising!

A doctor's day is never done;
The battle for health must be won.
Love can cure most common ails;
Shared with care, it never fails.

Summer is not required
For Snowbow to be inspired;
He'll find a flower, no matter the day,
And send smiling wishes your way!

Sometimes the power runs low,
And it feels like there's nowhere to go.
Just hang on tight and be strong,
And you will never go wrong.

Snowflakes and lace
Surround this place;
Beauty without, beauty within;
Cannot help but share a big grin!

Snowbow asked mom for a unicorn,
A longhorn, or even a bighorn.
Pink pigs are all she could crochet
Without thread horseplay.

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