16 January 2018

Up Close and Personal

I normally am not an ad clicker. Ever. But every once in a while, I'm tempted beyond my ability to withstand.

An ad for the Micro Phone Lens came up on my phone the other day, and being the snowflake photographer I love to be, I couldn't resist checking it out.

The price wasn't bad at all, and all four of the lenses actually had good reviews. I splurged for the $21 holiday bundle. I figured for that low a price, if the stuff is worthless, at least I wouldn't be out a ton of money.

I couldn't believe it when the three lenses arrived in the mail two days later! An empty breath mint box makes the perfect carry case to keep them safe and together.

And I could not wait to try them out. I spent my lunch hour playing with the new lenses, which look and feel an awful lot like soft contact lenses!

The photo at the top of this post is taken with my iPhone with no additional equipment. It took me about six shots with heavy cropping before I got one with my wedding ring almost entirely in focus. I think I can go as close as about six inches. The above photo is with the 4x lens and no additional light. The photo below incorporates my hiking headlamp (just a cheap little LED) I've been carrying in my coat pocket ever since my November Reign project so I wouldn't be walking along the bike path in total darkness.

I was impressed!

Here's the 8x lens with the light of the headlamp.

And here's the 15x with my headlamp.

Below are my tiny little crocheted cupcakes, the first photo to show the element of size, and then with the iPhone with no additional lens, followed by the 4x, the 8x and then the 15x.

Obviously, I'm not going to be able to use these little gems for praying mantises and ladybugs because I'm not going to get that close to them with an iPhone. But we are expecting some snow this week (thank heavens... it's about time!!!), and I may just have to test my newest arsenal out on frozen fractals!


  1. Sure not too shabby and a great price too. Win win indeed. Did you just say about time? Oh the shame lol

    1. You betcha, Pat! I'm ready, willing and anxious for big, fat, fluffy flakes!!! A snow day would be nice, too...

  2. Ooh, fun!

    Those look like extremely low-calorie cupcakes to me. :D


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