30 January 2018

Amaryllis by Morning

I pulled my amaryllises out of the basement in September. They bloomed in late January. I guess this year I'll pull them out in August...

The white picotee made only two blossoms this year, while the red one made four. One day I came home from church to find the top-heavy red amaryllis toppled over! Just a day earlier, I had attempted once more to cross pollinate the white picotee by brushing some of its pollen over the stamen of one of the red flowers with a cotton swab. Now the red amaryllis pollen is spread all over the red petals!

I braced the pot up with full bottles of unopened apple juice and grape juice.

The four amaryllis seeds that sprouted last year are still going, although I can see why they say it takes years for the plant to flower from seeds.

The baby bulb I separated from the white picotee parent bulb also is reaching for the sky, but the bulb still isn't mature enough to make more than one big leaf.

To my surprise, both the red amaryllis and the white picotee are sending up second heads of blooms. Bonus flowers!


  1. Must have been a surprise when you found it toppled over. A bonus bloom sure can be a win too.

    1. Now the second flower bundle is threatening to tip it over, Pat!!!

  2. That delicate red edging on the white picotee is just so lovely.

    I didn't know you could grow these from seed!

    1. Well, we shall see, Sue, if they can be grown from seed!!! It’s definitely a LONG work in progress!


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