24 November 2017

White Friday

I don't do Black Friday. I'm taking the opposite road. This is a tradition I started two years ago and proudly carry on even though we were having a severe shortage of snow this time last year (but first published last year).

Because we didn't get any snow during Thanksgiving last year, I had to find my white elsewhere. We'd had our first snow of the season just a couple of weeks earlier, and I brought inside some of my potted flowers that had been blooming prolifically in November, a LATE-season record for me in Colorado. My Gerbera daisy was one of the lucky pots. I wasn't sure it would bloom indoors, but it surprised me three times!

Six of my Christmas cacti were blooming, too. One gave me some gorgeous white!

One stalk of my tallest basil sported a cute little blossom.

Even my indoor Serrano pepper plant shared a touch of white! We won't talk about the tiny white flies that took up residence on the underside of almost all the pepper plant leaves until I dabbed them with apple cider vinegar...

I spent my four days off finishing up Christmas quilts for my Salt Lake cousins, and Lyra's quilt is the first one I've ever made with lots of white. I'd always been afraid to use too much white in a quilt because the seams show through. But this baby turned out pretty darned cute!

And finally, because we didn't have any real snow, I finished off the day by crafting a white snowflake.


  1. Blah to that much snow in the first pic haha I like your way better when no snow decides to show, my back loves it too.

  2. Beautiful photos...beautiful quilt with lots of white...and beautiful snowflake. ☺️

  3. Oh what a happy, colourful quilt!

    We haven't any snow either. I'm hoping some may fall by Christmas!


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