03 October 2017

WIPped Better Than Chocolate

My fourth ticker tape quilt is finished!

This also means I've finished 17 quilts so far this year!

I actually finished quilting this one a few weeks ago, but tying and burying the thread ends took forever. Typically, I like to bury my ends as I go, and in retrospect, I plan to go back to that method from now on.

I had a couple of road trips coming up as I worked on the quilting, so I saved the thread ends for car time, which turned out to be inadequate. I also worked on a couple of the block thread ends in church. Yes, now I KIC (Knit in Church), CIC (Crochet in Church) and QIC, too.

Thread ends were still dangling, so I took it to work, hoping to finish at lunch. After three workdays, I started working on it during the train commute, too. After another day of that, I even worked on it on the bumpy bus!!!

As it finally came time for binding, I didn't notice until after attaching the binding that one edge of the quilt back had unraveled more than a quarter inch along part of one side. If the stitching hadn't been black on black, I would have removed the entire binding and just resquared the edge.

Instead, I unraveled just the portion of the quilt that was botched and sewed a piece of black scrap over the frayed edge, then reattached the binding and called it good. The final side of this quilt took about two hours, so I was more than elated to be done when it was done. I didn't want to sew again for at least a week.

Thankfully, a nice lavender/spearmint soak took care of my attitude.

The binding is pieced together with prepared black binding leftovers from other quilts I've finished in the last three or four years. Kind of funny to think I've made so many quilts with black binding, I had enough leftovers to finish another entire quilt binding!

I was trying to finish up all the little boy quilts I started last quarter so I wouldn't have to add them to this quarter's WIP challenge list. I'm very pleased I finished six WIP quilts last quarter, bringing my list down quite a bit. However, I added as many quilts as I finished, so the length of the list looks like I didn't accomplish much.

As of today, I've finished all six girls quilts for Christmas and one of the boy quilts for Christmas. I truly am making progress!

My goal this quarter is to finish two WIPs per month if I can, and to finish the rest of the Christmas quilts by Thanksgiving. I'd really, really like to get this list down beneath 20 and keep it under 20 from this point forward. Here's to the winter quarter challenge!

1. Hawaiian Punch

2. Leaf Me Alone

3. Welcome to the Jungle

4. Blue Floral Nostalgia

5. Lizard Toes

6. Hexie Booboo

7. Tickled Pink, the Sequel

8. Teal Shadows

9. Goodbye Hollyhock Road

10. Snowflake Strip Bar

11. Green Floral Batik Postage Stamps

12. Lavender Sunrise

13. Giant Dahlia

14. Showcase

15. Snowbike II

16. Autumn Splendor

17. Cool Edge of the Rainbow

18. Warmbow

19. Collared Lizard Wall Quilt

20. Citrus Whip

21. Time for Me to Fly

Venetian Squiggles
22. Venetian Squiggles

23. Scrappy Blue Block a Day

24. Little Boy Blue Batiks II

25. Lava Beds

26. Outer Space

27. Black in Scraps

28. Critters

29. Deep Blue

One Block Shy
30. One Block Shy

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  1. Bet you can get it done indeed. Always great variety at your feed. Get a list under 20 though? haha Good luck with that. Every time I try it just rises more with writing ideas.

    1. Yes, I guess it is a little similar to writing books, isn't it, Pat? I may never get down under 20 now that I'm so thoroughly addicted, but I can still shoot for the moon. At least it will be a fun ride!

  2. I wish I could show you the quilt I just finished!! It's arrows away by happy cloud creations. It was a monster to do because I made it into a king size quilt. It was so much fun =)

    1. Are you going to share photos on your blog? I'd love to see it!

    2. I have not thought about that. I sure could. I need to think of something to talk about. HAHAHA

  3. Congratulations on your finish! Good luck on whittling away those WIPs. I'll look forward to seeing them as finishes on your blog. Happy sewing!

    1. Thank you, Andrea! Got one done today. Gotta get seven more done by Christmas!

  4. 17 quilts in 2017? Congratulations!!

    1. So far, Joy! And I have to finish 7 more by Christmas... My knees are knockin'! :)


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