06 October 2017

Friendly Friday

Monday night I was depressed almost to the point of tears because of recent events when one of my friends shared a song that lifted my spirits and brought back memories of a time when the world at least seemed kinder and gentler.

It left me longing for a return to that world.


  1. It sure must have took some doing to get them all in one spot. Been a while since I heard that one, but yeah, seemed simpler. But "seemed" is the key word. We didn't have internet so nothing got around as fast and there wasn't 50,000 opinions all screaming for your attention with clickbait titles and such. Which in turn gives nuts more of a reason to do things because of the attention.

    1. It seems, though, people feel more at liberty to express hate and to hurt others now; the anonymity of the internet no doubt contributes, but the basic problem, I believe, is the absence of respect. And it's destroying us.

  2. That was an incredible event (that song by all those famous people, but mainly the song). I, too, long for those days when things did seem more benign and people seemed more likely to come together.

    I just read your news of your neck and I was so sad for you. I'm glad that you're getting back to the bike soon. Did you have surgery? I'll try to look through your archives - but if you can tell me more, I care and I'm interested.

    1. Thanks, KB. No surgery yet. I'm trying with all my heart to avoid that. I'm not out of the woods yet, but there is improvement. PT helped so much, and I also had both bikes fit by a PT who used to race professionally. I'm up to 20 miles now!


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