25 August 2016

Time to Dye

I'm feeling a little bit joyous cycling season is almost over. My hollyhocks and hibiscus are gone; the dyes are ready. I have two jars of avocado pit dye from last year sitting in the sun; they say the longer avocado dye stews, the richer the color will be. I have four sandwich bags full of avocado pits in the freezer, ready to be ground up and mixed with a touch of ammonia to make more dye. I have a box of yarn and two bags of thread ready to be dyed.

And no time to dye!

Every time I eat cherries, I wish I could dye. Every. Single. Time.


  1. hahaha oh this post was such good timing, as the cat shows today what you really mean by "dye" haha

    1. Ha ha ha! Bet you didn't know mind-reading is among my many talents, did you, Pat?!?

  2. Isn't it awful when we kind of look forward to not riding? Though I love it, it does suck up a lot of time that could be used for other things. What to do, what to do....

    Dye-ing to see what you come up with! :)

    1. Fortunately, I can train almost all year long, Sue. I just don't have to be so intense after all the organized rides. Thank heavens!

      I have to dye again soon. I ran out of my hand-dyed pink thread today!!!


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