04 August 2016

The One that Got Away

The Rocky Mountain Balloon Festival may have gone away, but sometimes balloons still launch over Chatfield Reservoir. I love when we are able to witness the spectacle.

We recently watched a balloon land in a field far east from the typical landing spot. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera, and we were en route to an appointment, so we couldn't have stopped anyway. But what we saw is the stuff dreams are made of.

As the balloon began to deflate, horses in all the fields surrounding the balloon gathered at the fences to watch. It was as if the entertainment was designed just for them!

How I wish I could have snapped even one photo to share here. Seeing all the horses watch in awe and wonder... Magical!


  1. haha bet the horses were something like that looking as they stared. Can sure be sights to see, only ever saw them in pictures though, the balloons that is, seen plenty of horses haha

  2. What a cool moment that must have been! In June we suddenly came across a hot-air balloon being inflated - drove around a bend in a road and there it was in a field next to the road. (No horses though.) There is something fascinating and enchanting about balloons.


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