25 February 2016

The Cool Edge of the Rainbow

A couple of months ago, The Lizard and I decided to design jelly roll quilts in tandem. He had some gorgeous Stonehenge Gradations he couldn't wait to dig into, and I had been wanting to recreate my Turtle Sherbet quilt with my own selection of floral batiks instead of what came in a pre-cut pack.

The Lizard wasted no time crafting a guy-flavored, country-inspired rag quilt with a checkerboard flannel back. I wasted no time capturing him and his quilt in some stunning locations!

My project took a little longer. I still had a snowflake lamp to finish. With my second annual special project finally out of the way on the second official Snowflake Day earlier this month, I went from chilly inspiration to tropical inspiration and began piecing. After the first five strips, however, I decided I didn't want a full rainbow after all. I loved the cool shades together, without the warmer shades, and I completely revamped my original plan.

Now I'll get to come up with an idea for the warm hue strips, plus, I still have enough 2.5-inch strips cut to proceed with another Turtle Sherbet when the motivation strikes.

Using up blacks, grays and whites from my stash to make my color strips really pop was easy for the first log cabin-like rounds. Then after the second round of rainbow halves, suddenly fat quarters weren't long enough for any more borders.

Oh, well. I hadn't pledged not to buy any more fabric, I'd only promised I wouldn't buy too much more unless I finished some of what I already had. I'd just finished piecing Teal Shadows, and The Cool Edge of the Rainbow flimsy would be done with just two more colors, which would rebuild my stash of neutrals after I'd blazed through them so efficiently. More Cosmos, more Essentials, and more Fairy Frost! Yippee!

If I knew what to use as backing for this quilt, I'd probably finish it next because the colors are so exciting for me. But I have yet to figure out what to do for the back. It may hibernate a bit while I finish two more flimsies. Or perhaps I'll use the warmer colors on the back and make yet another truly reversible quilt. Hmmm, now there's an idea!

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  1. That was fun how you got shots of him with it out and about. Both look great indeed.

    1. That was a GREAT weekend trip, Pat. I can't wait until we can go back!

  2. Fantastic locations for quilt shots. It looks great.

    1. Thank you, Kate! I might have to try that again on our next quilt finish!

  3. the Lizard's quilt is truly amazing!!!

    1. Thank you, Tahoe. I would have to agree!

    2. Thanks Tahoe. I had a lot of fun putting that one together.

      Lee Zard


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