11 February 2016

Gonna Be a Heartache Tonight

The Lizard was driving me home after a very difficult day of work. Several co-workers had called in sick. Everyone was busy. I didn't think I'd ever get out of there.

On the way home, the big, fat fluffy snowflakes falling on our windshield brought joy and peace to my soul. I couldn't wait to get home so I could try shooting some more macro shots with my year-old extension tubes.

Then the camera began malfunctioning again. It's been acting up for about three or four months. It began flashing an error message two or three minutes into each shoot. I usually could make the error message go away by twisting the lens all the way to the right, clockwise.

But not this time.

For several weeks, I'd thought it might be the lens. I thought the mount might be loose. I thought I could fix it with a tiny screwdriver.


After the camera failed again while shooting snowflakes, a whole four shots, I tried another lens. And then another. No change.

The camera had simply ceased to function.

Time to go back into the shop.

On the very bright side, as The Lizard observed, better now than during my niece's wedding in a couple of months. This also allows time to take the camera back in to see if my beloved D300 can be repaired.

So off it goes. Hurry home, D... I can't smile well without you!


  1. Just one of those days it seems. Hopefully it will be fixed with little trouble and little expense and be home quick

    1. Got 'er back, Pat! Yippee! Now I just need some more big, fat flakes!

  2. Well, the few shots you did get were all awesome!

    We had some of that fat, fluffy snow last night, with lovely distinct flakes. I saw it on the car and thought of you. :)

    1. Thanks, Sue! Blow some of those big, fat flakes over this way, would you? I'm ready to shoot some more!!!


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