10 February 2015

Wordless Wednesday

mullein forest

mullein forest

shadow shot

the bike path

long forgotten bike path

what an old bike path does to a bicycle tire

pop goes the tire

fix away

flat fixer

seed pods


beaver break room

beaver dinner table

beaver spa

I heart you!

No, we did not leave it there.

12.13.14 ride and adventure extraordinaire


  1. haha twirled it into a heart, nice touch indeed.Someones been tree chopping too

    1. Yes, beavers reign here, Pat, but they wouldn't pose for me!

  2. You're sure good at capturing the moment wherever you happen to be. Excellent pics!

    1. Thanks, Valentine! And thanks for fixing my flat while I took pictures!

  3. I could swear I commented on this days ago ... but will do so again!

    Those seed pods look like wild cucumber to me. Aren't they cool?

    So nice to have someone there to fix your flats. :)

    1. Perhaps Google got you again, Sue. It gets me a lot, too, especially the first time I attempt commenting each day. I've gotten into the habit of copying my first comment each day now before hitting publish. That way, I don't have to rewrite it.

      I wonder what those seed pods are. I'll have to go back in the spring to try to figure it out.

      I'm really grateful to have a hero to fix my flats, too!


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