24 February 2015

Icy Red Rock

For the Backyard

When we first began redoing our front and back yards, we bought a truckload of river rocks. I salvaged many of the red rocks in the collection because I wanted to cover them with crochet. In particular, a nearly heart-shaped red rock.

The backyard still isn't done yet, and the red rocks aren't covered with crochet yet. Which means that heart-shaped rock is the perfect surface for trying to catch and photograph snowflakes!

Initially, the rock wasn't cold enough. The snowflakes melted the instant they hit it. As the temperature dropped, I began to have more success.

It is SO good to have my Nikon D300 back and for it to be working as good as new!

Spotted Heart

too hot


frosty flakes



almost invisible



fractured fractals


Oh, my!

liquid flake


  1. Can sure get your close ups now and catch everything. Glad it is fixed once more and hopefully doesn't go breaking again any time soon

    1. Thanks, Pat! You won't find a happier camper right now! Even though we are supposed to get 16 more inches by tomorrow morning...

  2. I was wondering about that new header photo! :)

    It's such a thrill to get snowflake photos ... feels very near miraculous. These are so lovely.

    1. You noticed! You noticed! That's a pretty huge compliment to me!!!

  3. Gorgeous pics! It has been bitter, record breaking cold here in MI and these pics give me more appreciation for the snow that hasn't melted because of the cold. I now will look out and your images will come to mind, the cold is preserving the individual flakes!

    1. We're paying for our mild January and early February now, Brenda. Not as cold as you've got it, but lots of trees and bulbs were fooled into thinking spring was here. I hope the thick blanket of snow prevents the bulbs from freezing. I don't know that there is much hope for the trees that started budding...

  4. Awesome flakes! The river rock background is great too. I also like how the beaten and scraped smooth rock texture shows up when magnified.

    1. That really surprised me, too, Lizard. I thought it was smooth, but close you can really see the sand granules!

  5. Well ok, both. But esp your ability to photograph snowflakes. But I could think of so many things to do with the river rock.


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