27 February 2015

Friday Funny

Friday the 13th

Talk about luck of the draw!

Exactly one week after Friday the 13th, I was the 13th person to join Crazy Mom Quilts' weekly Finish It Up link-up. I've always contended 13 is my lucky number.

I Can't Drive 55

On my (choke, choke) "speed limit birthday", I was the 55th person to link up. !!! (I should type 55 exclamation points, but I'm being lazy today.)

Prettiest Snowflakes in the World

I recently ran a list of unusual search terms people use to find my blog, and the very next week, someone used one of the best search terms ever, as far as I'm concerned. Someone else used the weirdest one yet, but it's overshadowed by the warm, fuzzy search term!

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas Cactus

We recently made a stop at a home center to pick up terracotta pots to transplant our collection of Christmas cacti out of cheap plastic pots. The garden centers of most home centers this time of year are mostly devoid of shoppers, so the birdies know just where to escape the cold weather. And find good food!

Picky Shoppers


  1. haha that is a flattering search term indeed, much better than the crazies that line up at my sea

    1. I'm with you on that, Pat. That was one of the best search terms I've ever seen, and it really brightened my day!

  2. And, yes, you DO have the prettiest snowflakes in the world :)

    1. Awwww, Marigold, you make me blush! Thank you!

  3. Lucky numbers indeed! And ditto to what Marigold said. :)

    Those birds are so sweet. I'm glad they have a place to shelter and some good food available.

  4. Thank you, Sue! I loved seeing the birds inside the store. I, too, am glad they have shelter from all these storms!


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