04 November 2014

Snowflake Crazy

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I needed pink snowflake fabric, so I designed some myself.

While working on my last quilt, I wished I had more pink fabric with snowflakes that was different from anything else. So I designed my own!

Didn't stop with just pink, either. I've collected blue snowflake fabric for more than 20 years. For a long time, I've wished I could get some of the fabrics in my collection in gradient shades.

So I designed my own!

My newest Spoonflower stash!!!

Because Christmas is drawing near, I thought perhaps it might be wise to make some red, green and blue, too. Now I just have to come up with projects for all this luscious snowflake fabric!

The day these fabrics came in the mail, I was at work. I couldn't wait until the end of the day to start cutting! Then I had to decide which one to use first.

The Pink Wave Snowflake fabric I designed last spring jumped out at me while I was stewing over patterns and projects, and I decided to incorporate both pink fabrics into a new pin quilt. It would be just perfect for my collection of pink ribbon pins!

a new pin quilt

Cut out the pieces and stitched them together the first night. Layered, basted and quilted the second night. Afterthought pillowcase bound the quilt the third night.

Another big confidence booster! Finished in three nights! The only true free-motion quilting is the snowflake in the center, but the more I practice, the better I get at it. Eventually, I may work up the guts to free-motion quilt Welcome to the Jungle!

think pink

tickled pink

snowflake detail

all the pink


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  1. Wow, three nights is super quick. Awesome job.

    1. Thanks, Pat! Definitely not an everyday occurrence around my house!

  2. Love it! If you have any blue left over, I'll take it.

    1. I do indeed have blue leftover, Lizard! Whatchagonnamake?!?!?

  3. That is beautiful fabric - may I ask how you desinged it?

    1. Thank you, Alycia! I do a lot of digital graphics, mostly playing with my photos in Photoshop. Very primitive version. I had three of my designs printed by Spoonflower last May, and I just did another one, incorporating the snowflakes I've been making since about June, and I had it printed in five colors. Spoonflower can print any digital image. It's a wee bit expensive, but considering it's one-a-kind, my own designs and good quality fabric and printing, I can justify doing this every once in a while.

  4. What pretty fabrics you designed. And a lovely quilt made with them.

    1. Thank you, SuperMom! It was very fun to make!

  5. They're so pretty. And I like the off-center Log Cabin-ish-ness of your pin quilt.

    I think Lizard wants a blue snowflake head wrap.... :)

    1. Thanks, Sue! I love the off-centeredness, too, and I think I'll use that method again because it was so fun to use up those leftover strips!

      Methinks I need to make a new blue snowflake bandana for Mr. Lizard... and then perhaps we could see the answer to your Bicycle Lizard video question...


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