19 August 2014

Wordless Wednesday


The Goatmother's Garden

The Lizard meets Ella

Chicory in the Goatmother's Garden

Alpha Goat

Goatfather and Lizard

The Goatmother's Garden

Goatmother and Snowcatcher

Hide and Sip in the Goatmother's Garden

Lavender, a singing gift from the Goatmother


  1. lmao oh I could torture lots of people with that haha and make the cats run too

  2. That face in the first photo is priceless. But love the first flower, too, and how everyone seems to be having a great time :)

  3. Oh, thanks for these photos! I was with you all in spirit, but it's nice to see your faces.... And Marigold's! :)

  4. The truth of the matter is that it was really me doing that singing. The video was dubbed. :)
    I want Mrs. Micawber to prove she is capable of handing me a Peanut. :)


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