14 August 2014

Rainbow Flake

rainbow snowflake

My family and friends all know I can be a little nutty. They lovingly refer to me as the neighborhood flake. Sometimes flakiness leads to unusual things. Such as growing weary of white when making too many snowflakes.

Back when I first began this journey in 2009, I grew increasingly bored with white, a process I am reliving now with my special project. Back then, the snowflake above was the result. That gem was my first immersion into the world of colorful snowflakes (which my husband insists are not real snowflakes...).

I even wrote a poem after finishing this flakey flake! (And no, I do not partake, and this happened WAY before my state started legally getting a little higher. Or, perhaps, a LOT higher...)

Late one night
I got bored with white
Out came the red
Then green and blue thread
Next thing I knew
My snowflake said, "Whew!
Girl, whatchoo been smokin'?!?"

I can hardly wait to see what my newfound white boredom might inspire.


Mother's Day Sherbet

playing with fireworks in Photoshop


Angry Bird

from a bachelor button


  1. haha great verse indeed, don't go killing brain cells at your feed haha awesome rainbow colors too

  2. Love the snow flake! :) Color is awesome in everything. I made blue crochet snowflakes one year for Christmas in my Christmas cards..you know, I live in KY and everything here is "suppose" to be blue. :) Wishing you a most lovely day sweet friend. :)

  3. Ooh, the bachelor button ones are REALLY a great colour!

    Love that rainbow flake too. :)


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