09 February 2014

Going Down


My websites will all be taking a 15- to 20-minute nap sometime tonight while my kernel is upgraded. Everything will be down, including my snowflake directory and all the snowflake patterns. It will look as if I disappeared off the web! But don't panic. It's only temporary.

My web host can't say exactly when the outage will occur other than between 8 p.m. tonight and 4 a.m. tomorrow, but everything's supposed to be better, faster, more secure and up-to-date when my websites get back online.

Now, I have no idea what a server kernel is, but I'm going to be enjoying a few kernels of my own while I watch some Olympics tonight, so being without snowflake patterns for a while isn't going to have a huge impact on me. How about you?!?

tasty kernels


  1. haha i think all will survive for that little bit of time. Let's hope though the update doesn't screw things up

  2. Your site is loading up pretty quickly today ... the kernel must be a good one!

    The popcorn looks great too ... one of my favourite snacks. (Especially kettle corn - addictive!) :)


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