21 February 2014

Friday Funny

As The Verge noted, if only all Olympic narration could be this engaging...

And oh, it gets BETTER!!! Let's get Attenborough to narrate this...


  1. Replies
    1. I'm glad I was able to help out with that, Charlotte!

  2. haha sure he could make that even more fun, the cat would just try and run

    1. I could just hear the cats getting purr-turbed at being shuffled around when they were purr-fectly happy before the game, Pat! Wasn't that just the cutest thing?!?

  3. Deb, I saw this and thought of you! A bike pizza cutter, who-da-thunk-that!


    1. Jody, that's hilarious! You know there's a Star Trek pizza cutter too, don't you...

      I guess at some point I'll have the entire collection of geeky pizza cutters. :)

  4. "Look how happy it makes them." (snigger snigger snigger)

    And oh, the cat curling is pure genius! :D


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