22 August 2013

What Makes You Beautiful

What Makes You Beautiful

Six weeks late, we finally staged our girls camp awards ceremony. The girls all made awards for each other. Every participant received an award based on her personality, and believe it or not, the girls all focused on the positive aspects of their co-campers.

No fires were allowed at camp due to the high fire danger. We had to teach the girls how to build a fire without matches in a parking lot in the big city instead of in the mountains.

One of the camp leaders brought a fire pit to the awards ceremony. I made a fire without matches. Using crumpled red, orange and yellow construction paper. We didn't have to contend with campfire smoke, ha ha!

fire pit

One of the leaders made baked s'mores. Who can resist?!?

I had made color-coded bandanas for each of the girls. There was one extra. All the girls autographed it for one of the camp organizers who was unable to attend but who did all the administrative stuff so I didn't have to. She took care of all the forms, requirements, registrations, fees, insurance and transportation details so I could focus on teaching first aid, wilderness survival, preparation, nutrition, hydration, crafts and Leave No Trace.

We watched a movie I put together with some of the photos I shot of the girls during camp activities. The camp theme, "What Makes You Beautiful," was featured as one of the background songs. Disney songs also were used, because the girls sang motivational tunes from Aladdin, Little Mermaid and Mulan all through camp.

The camp theme wasn't about make-up, fashion trends, jewelry, complexion or weight. What makes you, or anyone, beautiful is what's inside. Helping others, being kind and empathetic, doing your best, smiling often... these are things that emote true beauty, and that's what we tried to teach the girls.

Wonder Woman

And then, biggest surprise of all, I received an award, too. !!! I think this is going to hang in my spare bedroom for as long as the candy doesn't melt!

my award


  1. LOL that was a really creative and cute sign, always fun to see what kids will come up with.

  2. Well, you should know about true beauty because according to your definition you are full of it inside and out! :)

    What a great award for you.

  3. What a great video of the the beautiful young women..Bought back lots of memories for me as I remember doing a lot of that stuff when I was in camp back in the 70's called Stress Challenge. :-) Thanks for sharing...loved viewing it.


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