01 August 2013


Mount Crested Butte

There's a reason Crested Butte is known as the wildflower capital of the world.

Sunflowers greet the sun near Crested Butte

Outside of Crested Butte


There's a reason tourists are willing to risk taking their two-wheel drive vehicles up rugged, four-wheel-required Schofield Pass every July.

Fireweed on Schofield Pass

Green Gentian near Mount Gothic

Fairy Trumpet

There's a reason Trail 401 is on the bucket list of mountain bikers around the world.

South Maroon

Trail 401 and South Maroon

Trail 401


  1. My kind of place! So nice to see all the gorgeous wildflowers you have that we don't. :)

    What are those frothy tall white blossoms in the "Outside of Crested Butte" shot? They look awfully like some I saw during Bike MS (at that spot where people were fishing next to the road).

  2. Wow, flowers everywhere, can just stop and stare

  3. I can agree, what a place one must experience up close.

  4. Great pictures Deborah, I always love the purple daisies when you put them up. Think I've said to you before we don't have them in Ireland at all, they're beautiful.
    The interview I did with you ages ago for my blog is up as Most Popular Post this morning, you must have some new fans :)

  5. We were there in July too. I kept thinking that I'd see you, for some odd reason so I scanned every cyclist for the Snowcatcher! Based on your fabulous photos, I think that you were there a little later than us... because we were before the height of the wildflowers. What beauty you captured!


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