30 August 2013

Friday Funny

The guys are NOT going to believe we found a photo booth!

More links to make you smile. Or laugh. Or roll your eyes. Or turn off the computer and go outside.

Ha ha ha. (I used to have a Dell. It died.)

Vrooooooom! (Scroll down.)

fun bookmarks

I Wanna Draw Your Ha-aaa-aand

Way better than a dictionary!

Totally awesome!

Beary cute!

Oh. My. Gosh.

Not funny, but beautiful:

Man-hole covers

Jupiter in Thread

Bet this gets great mileage...

Think Pink

From QuiltCon.

Pop Culture (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the R2D2!!!)

One last laugh...

My, how times have changed.


  1. LOL nope, the cat doesn't buy it

  2. Nice collection you have there. haha,

    Followed. :) - Hope to see more!

  3. Wow, that hand one is super creative. Love the handy foreign words too, and the Jupiter embroidery is awesome.

    Great caption on your photo! :)


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