27 June 2013

Glacier Peak

Cinquefoil and Alpine Sunflowers near Glacier Peak

21 July 2007

Yet another late night, so I can't write everything I want to write. I've been working on photos ever since we got home from climbing Glacier Peak. Computer problems abound. They magnified when I started trying to make a girls camp slideshow. At least my photo downloads went well.

It's been a really fun day. We started out with the goal of Whale Peak once again, but weather moved in, and we had to cut the hike short. Whale Peak was just across the ridge. I think we could have done it in about an hour. Well, The Lizard could have done it in about 10 minutes. But he saved it to go up with me another day.

We had to run back to the car the last half mile or so because the lightning was getting so close. It's awesome to hear it echoing off the mountains when you're in a bowl, but it sure scares the devil out of you when the count between flash and boom is less than 10 seconds.

The wildflowers on our hike were spectacular. I always get excited when I find a new flower I've never seen before, and today I found two. Top that off with an elk stampede witnessed from about 1,000 feet above, all caught on video, too.

I haven't used the movie feature on the Fuji camera too often, so I'm never sure how movies will turn out. This one came out great, considering I was at about 12,000 feet, breathless not just due to the altitude but seeing that many elk in one place moving in unison, too. Absolutely breathtaking!

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  1. Look at them go, sure captured them with ease it seems


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