21 May 2013

My Lucky Day

seeing double

My most recent bicycle commute got me all wet. But I also got to see a full double bow right out the window at work.

full bow but no gold

That afternoon, while preparing to lift my bike onto the train (because it was raining again and The Lizard didn't want me to chance riding in lightning), the young man ahead of me in line suddenly turned and lifted my bike onto the train for me. That's the first time I've ever had that happen in 11 years!

That day, I finalized our Team Snowcatcher jersey and shorts or placed our order. Isn't it the coolest looking kit ever?!?

Ta da!!!

That night, I got my first homegrown tomato of the year. Yes, I cheated. I grew it indoors. The tomato and pepper plants would not have survived our last three deep freezes. My first tomato wasn't more than a couple of bites, but it tasted better than anything I can buy in the grocery store.

yummy, yummy, yummy

Remember my snow dying? I have two cakes of cotton worsted weight yarn for the first person to correctly identify all four snowflakes in our jersey and shorts in the comments below. Please make sure I know how to contact you so I can send you two scoops of this snazzy yarn, but please do not leave any sensitive information in any comment on any blog. Use email if you have to, but don't give spammers the key to your identity.



  1. Wow great shots, a little rain never hurt anyone, unless it is acid rain of course haha

    1. All I needed was a bottle of shampoo, Pat! :)

  2. The rainbows are beautiful! You take such wonderful pictures. ☺

    As for the snowflakes, did you mean to find which of your snowflake patterns they were based off of? If so, my guesses are: Bicycle Wheel, Baby Snowflakes (the first one in the post), El Punto, and Cold Shivers. I hope I’m not too far off, there were an amazing amount of patterns to look through! ☺

    Have a lovely day! (You can contact me through my blog should the need arise.)
    The Cogaroo

    1. Thank you, Cogaroo, and I enjoyed checking out your blog. Your little doll is ADORABLE! As is the cabbage...

      I can't believe you went through all the snowflakes to try to identify the mysteries! You got two right...

    2. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm glad you like my amigurumi items.

      I am thoroughly stumped on the snowflakes...maybe Christmas Stockings (without the stockings), Basalt, Bicycle Wheel, and Cold Shivers? I don't mind looking through the directory, you have so many gorgeous patterns! How do you manage to design a new one every week?!

      The Cogaroo

    3. You've got three right now! That fourth one is indeed a stumper. For whatever reason, it's pretty small in the design, which makes it more difficult to identify.

      It looks like you're the only one even interested in the prize, so I'll give you a clue. It's named after a mountain.

  3. Thank you for the hint! Is the fourth one Mount Eva?

    All this goes to show what I will do for yarn... :)

    1. You win!!! You know you made my toes tingle when you made it clear how bad you want the results of that little snow experiment of mine, don't you? :) I was beginning to think I am the only one who likes how the yarn turned out!

      Can you shoot me an email with your snail mail, and I'll get your scoops in the mail to you tomorrow?

  4. Oh dear, lovely rainbows...

  5. Congrats to Cogaroo - she deserves that yarn!

    As I hope to actually get one of the jerseys I did not worry about entering. ;)

    That WAS a lucky day for you! What a lot of great things. I am green with jealousy at your tomato....


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