16 May 2013

In Search Of

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I've been enjoying posts by other bloggers detailing the most unusual search terms readers have used to find them. I decided it might be about time I conduct a little survey of my own Google Analytics and see what path my nearly three million visitors are taking to get here.

Most of the list is pretty boring, exactly what you'd expect. "Snowcatcher" and every spelling variation thereof. "Snowflake" and every spelling variation thereof. "Snowcatcher.com." I can hardly believe that one leads people here because the domain is owned by someone else who wasn't willing to let it go. (I'm .net, not .com.) "Snowflake Monday" and every variation thereof.

Then comes fun stuff, although way down in the single-digit category, meaning very few searches. But still, they are searched. That counts for something.

"Crocheted rocks." Yeah, we have that here! "Starflakes." Yuppers, got them, too! "Heels Over Head." Oh, you don't know how much that one tickles my soul!!! "Climbing Cycling Music." Well, that one comes as a surprise. Did someone actually read it???

"Pretty Snowflake Patterns." Awwwww...

"Snowcatcher's Twirly Scarf." (It's here.)

"donate my hair" Cool.

"Firday Fun." Well, okay.

Way down at the bottom of the list comes the unusual stuff. Stuff that makes you scratch your head and go, "Eh???"

"Crochet Pooh Diagram."

"Apple Tree Net Catcher."

"How to draw a tulip for kids step by step."

"que es prodded and pinched en español."

"the movie with the doll house and the girl sprinkles glitter on it and the doll house is her house now"

"sp1dtr-man" I suppose I owe that one to the abbreviation for double treble.

"cross threaded bottom bracket." Okay, okay, I know where that one comes from. The Lizard actually posted about that.

"Captain Snowflake Copyright." Um, I know how that one landed on my blog, but why did someone search that???

"road biking pike's peak or mt evans" Yes, we've written about that a few times. At least.

"Snowflakecatcher." Made me smile.

"Ladybug House." Um, not yet...

These ones give me nightmares:

"bad infestation of mealy bugs on tomatoes"

"little tiny white bugs in my house"

"mealy bugs cause curly leaves"

"mealy bugs on indoor plants"

"throw away plants with mealy bugs."

"when to spray for mealy bugs"

"what kind of bug is the white bug I found in my house"

"will alcohol kill mealy bugs" (YES.)

"bugs on indoor plants"

And then there were a few in languages I could not read. Interesting discoveries, aren't they? So, all this time, I thought I'd be known for snowflakes. Turns out mealy bugs have invaded more than just my indoor plants!


  1. Sounds like you get lots of bug lookers after you, always fun to see what people search for.

    1. Hopefully those seeking answers for mealy infestations will be able to get the information they need, Pat. And for that, I am glad.

  2. Wow, it's so like life isn't it. We are so complex, and just like that search, there are always special things about us that stand out!

    1. I don't know that I'd classify mealy bugs as special, Karen, but I do hope the information I've shared regarding my own infestation will help others trying to control their own infestations.

  3. Fascinating! I have never analyzed how and why searchers come to my site! Cool idea.

  4. "Captain Snowflake" has set my thoughts going ... isn't it about time we had a Star Trek snowflake or two? (Or maybe you've done this already, before I became a lurker.)

    I can just see a Captain Kirk snowflake ... shaped like ham, to represent his style of acting; a different woman's head on each spoke, for all the space-affairs he had; the whole thing a bit self-consciously overdone (again, like his acting). A true challenge for your hook. :)


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