17 May 2013

Friday Funny

Who's better?

Oops, wrong series...

Really mixed up.

Cute and Evil meet.

Who knew Borg could be funny???

This tops the rollerskating Evian babies.

Lego Spock.

Serious eye roll.

Drink up!

Too funny!


  1. Sorry but I cannot stand William Shatner! My husband loves Star Trek but I can't stomach it. Happy Friday anyway!

    1. Sorry, Charlotte! He's kind of annoying to me, too, sometimes, but sometimes I need to know there are others who are goofier than me!

  2. Shatner annoys me too, but those were fun

    1. Thanks, Pat, for putting up with a post that wasn't your cup of tea!

  3. I love the star trek series. :)

  4. My daughter is so excited about the new movie coming out, and I haven't told my hubby yet....he'll be so excited! It's going to be a surprise!

    1. You will have to let me know how it went, Karen! We didn't go yet, and probably won't until after Ride the Rockies. So now I have to keep The Lizard away from all spoilers until then!!!

  5. "I am Fudd of Bowg." HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! (Or in text-speak, rotfl.) :)

    When I was a kid I thought William Shatner was SO cute. Now (like any right-minded woman) I find him annoying. Jean-Luc seems much sexier to my middle-aged mind.... (Deb runs screaming from the room shouting "TMI! TMI!")

    Loved the Rhapsody ... we were just watching Wayne's World the other night which has a hilarious B.R. sequence.... I see this one has the head-banging and hair-flinging too on that bit of the song.

    P.S. We're seeing the new Star Trek tomorrow! :)

    1. I never saw what girls/women saw in Picard in that sense, Sue, but I also never saw what they saw in Don Johnson when Miami Vice was THE thing, or Mel Gibson when his posters were everywhere...

      Then again, I didn't like bike shorts until I saw The Lizard in bike shorts. Talk about TMI, huh?!?

      You'll have to tell me how the movie was. Without spoiling it more than it has already been spoiled...


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