24 February 2013

Lilac Dreams

1 braid down

Thank you to everyone who voted in yesterday's lilac vs. periwinkle dilemma. As you can see, I didn't go with the periwinkle, even though I think it won in the voting.

From the moment I began this quilt (which, by the way, I think I will name "Welcome to the Jungle"), I intended to use the periwinkle for a narrow border, and then a French braid using up all the rest of small fabric leftovers from my green batik dress. After I finished the last of the main six squares Thursday night, I placed the quilt top first on my periwinkle, then my lilac, my pear and my sprout Kona solids to see first hand which one would work best.

I really love the periwinkle and I love how strong it contrasts against the greens, but to me, when I used the periwinkle around the edges, my eyes went right to the periwinkle and did not go to the greens. That shocked me. On the other hand, the lilac seemed to make my eyes travel around the quilt, back and forth. That's why I asked for second opinions. A few people saw the same thing I did, so I took a chance and used the lilac. (Oh, by the way, that was The Lizard's choice, too.)

Oh, the pear and sprout blended in too well, almost invisibly, so they didn't even get a second chance.

The quilt top now is too heavy to hang on my wall with stick pins, so I can't hang it for photos until I get the sandwich completed and the sleeve on the back. But I'll try to get shots of my progress as I go because I'm still having fun with this, even though I've seen nothing but green batiks and a dash of lilac for five whole weeks now!

I have only until March 18 to make it look finished in photos that must be submitted to the Denver National Quilt Festival. If I miss that deadline, I still have enough time to try to get it in this year's Quilts at the Capitol.

3 more braids to go


  1. well, that's what i get for not checking my google reader in a timely fashion.... of course i didn't say much to help in my last comment anyway! It looks PERFECT! love the combination of the greens and the lilac. (Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers, they make me sneeze, but I have to shiff them anyway!!!)

    1. Actually, everything you say is helpful, Cara. I often don't have self-confidence when I need it most, and supportive comments help me build it a bit so I can keep going, so thank you!

      PS: Oh, how I love lilacs, too!

  2. I think you made a great choice. The lilac compliments it extremely well.

    1. Thank you, Jody. I'm even thinking of doing the quilting in lilac, now, too, because I think that would help blend the quilt together even more.

  3. I missed the last post, but just looking at this I see your point. (Wait - is that a bad quilt pun?) The lilac is perfect - just enough pop, and it draws the eye to the other purple-y bits scattered around.

    (Never mind that it's probably my favourite shade of purple.) :)

    You are non-stop, Deb. Take care of your back while you're doing all this sewing!

    1. Speaking of points, most of my points in this quilt match up the way they are supposed to! First time ever!!! And this is my first pieced border ever. It's fun, but boy, is it a lot of work!!!

      I think my back is getting stronger and stronger. I can sit for longer periods of time now, and sometimes, I catch myself tucking in my stomach without thinking about it. Boy, would my physical therapist be proud of me!!!


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