14 August 2012

Finish Line

I probably won't ever do a big wool project during the Summer Olympics unless I live in a very cold place, but I'm very grateful I had the opportunity to challenge myself during a time when my spirits were low and my hopes on the verge of shattering. I'm excited to complete a project that took more time than snowflakes, and I'm glad I didn't settle for what would have felt like a lesser "medal" for me by setting it aside at the one-third mark.

I didn't know when I first selected the Lanesplitter skirt as my main project if I could complete it in two weeks or less, and I expected I would not be able to get much of anything else creative done during the construction.

Mount Evans Snowflake
I did get bored at one point and take a snowflake break, which gave me courage I might be able to complete a couple more projects, too, if I stayed on task. No other projects got in the way of the Lanesplitter until it was pinned and blocked on my spare bed.

The exhilaration of reaching that point powered me through yet another snowflake project. Plus, I can name this flake after the Ravellenics, and I'll never have to change the name!!!!! The adrenaline left in the wake of this snowflake kept me up until way to early the next morning finishing off the remainder of the 50 yards of hand-dyed thread in pink and orchid.

Almost Ravellenic Snowflake
Note for future reference: 50 yards of hand-dyed thread can produce a medium-sized snowflake, a bear and three hearts.

hand-dyed hearts

Ravellenic Snowflake Prototype

Bear Swing
The pink and orchid bear wanted company. I wanted yet another challenge. I made the tiniest bear I've ever made. In a day. On the bumpy train. Well, except for one little leg, which I quickly finished as soon as I got home from work.

itty bitty
After finishing the back seam of the skirt (via sewing machine) and knitting a ribbed waistband, it was back to the snowflake drawing board. Rock on! These two projects once again kept me up way too late at night, but I didn't care until I had to get up for work the next morning.

Ravellenic Snowflake Rock

Ravellenic Snowflake
With a weekend of Olympics left, I still had time for just a wee bit more Ravellenic fun.

fun with dye

hand-dyed size 80 thread

hand-dyed tiny heart

final 2012 Ravellenics project

Then I had a choice of another test ride on the bike or finishing the crocodile-themed snowflake that had been in my head for more than a year. Only half a round remained. It would have taken about half an hour.

a choice of another bike test ride or a Ravellenic snowflake medal...
The bike won. No small fete. I rode 20 miles for the first time since June 27. Didn't see any bears or bighorn, but I rode 20 miles. Somehow, that feels worth more than any medal anytime anywhere.

When I grow up, I want to be just like you!
Now it's time to move on to the next challenge. I have to drop a few pounds to fit into the Lanesplitter. Okay, it does fit, but being off the bike the last couple of months has left a few love handles I don't really want to show off in a skin-tight knitted skirt with diagonal stripes. I'd like the skirt not to be skin tight.

So I should have made the panel a little, um, wider???

I knew it was close. I don't want to stay this size. I'm betting the desire to wear my latest piece of art this autumn will help me get back down to my normal size 8. If finishing this skirt on a cramped schedule is any indication of where determination can take me, I'll be modeling my Chroma Lanesplitter by the time Colorado's aspens turn.

That's the next gold in my sight.

Red Mountain Pass should be named Golden Mountain Pass


  1. I love the skirt and congratulations on finishing in two weeks! I think new clothes are great inspiration for weight loss :).

  2. All so beautiful. You create such amazing snowflakes and that skirt is a marvel.
    Best wishes to you.

  3. That skirt is simply drop-dead gorgeous. Is it a plain rectangle? The bias rows must make for a very nice fit and drape.

    Riding wins out over crochet every time. You're back in the saddle again! Hooray!

    I need not say that the dyed thread and snowflakes and rocks and bear and hearts are all beautiful - but I'll say it anyway. They're lovely. :)

  4. Congrats on finishing all those projects. The skirt looks great (can you make one in size 2?).

  5. Woo Hoo!
    Congrats on the crochet, but just as much on the biking!

  6. The skirt is awesome and I loooooove the bear :)


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