07 August 2012


love, love
As I neared the ends of the first two skeins of yarn in my gorgeously hued Lanesplitter skirt, I wondered if I should change the Ravellenics category from Free Choice All Around to Cast On Mania Trap Shoot.

The skirt pattern calls for six skeins of yarn. By finishing up two skeins, technically, I was one-third done. The Cast On event allows knitters and crocheters to start a bunch of projects, getting only a third of the way done before moving on to start the next project. Ideally, this would get Christmas presents on the needles and hopefully finished in time for giving.

I have no problem whatsoever starting too many projects and not having enough time to get them all done. The whole idea behind Ravellenics (besides fun) is to challenge needleworkers to accomplish something they don't know, aren't expert at or that doesn't come easy.

Trying to finish a whole skirt in just two weeks while working full time and going through physical therapy is more of a challenge for me than starting a bunch of projects. So I decided to press on, to challenge myself to do something that isn't going to be a piece of cake.

I do love this skirt, and I get excited watching the colors slip through my fingers as I knit.

But I miss my snowflakes!

So I took one morning commute off from knitting aboard the train and designed a snowflake instead. That night, I tested the pattern on a rock.

Mount Evans Snowflake

my rock garden
Ta da! A Lace Longjump project and a Home Stuff Hammerthrow project for the Ravellenics.

And I should be able to get that skirt done (for blocking) tonight!

workweek progress

I keep purling the wrong row.

weekend progress

soon to be skirt


  1. What a wonderful piece of work, that skirt if gorgeous. Knitting, another talent. Love the flake on the rock. It just keeps getting better and better. Have a great day.

  2. Oh, that yarn makes me drool. So gorgeous. The skirt will be a knockout - I hope we get to see it modeled.

    Love that snowflake, and the garden of crochet is lovely - do you leave the rocks out all the time?

    Hope the PT goes well. Hang in there!

    1. Thanks, Sue! I hope to model it. Soon. Yes, the rocks stay out all the time. They haven't been covered up by snow yet; it will be interesting to see what happens then...

  3. did you borrow the clors from my Blue bell? Beautiful yarn. :)

    1. If I could get the color of your bluebells in my yarn and thread, oh, boy would I!!!

  4. The skirt looks amazing - I love the colors!

  5. Beautiful work as always! Can't wait to see the skirt on you! At least I hope you will post a picture of it on you. Let's face, the Lizard would look pretty ridiculous in it. :)


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