18 March 2010

Ravellenics Stats

A Few of My Skelegurumi and WIPs Dancing EntriesThis is wonderfully amazing!My Snow Cross Entry


  1. Nice critters. I favor the little red critter on the far right. He has just the right attitude.

  2. Adorable little yarn lizzards :)

  3. rainbow socks, how nice. Would not mind having them :)

  4. I love the cute critter! And those socks are too fun!!

  5. I love your Snowflakes!!!! Thank you for being so creative and generous to share the patterns.
    I also love the Skelegurmi! Are you selling the pattern for those??? I looked on Ravelry & Etsy, but couldn't find a pattern for them. But they are just toooo cute.

  6. Thanks, Yvonne!

    I had to look up skelegurumi because I couldn't even remember that; I'd made a skeleton snowflake last October, and I thought that was what you meant!

    Sadly, I have not had time to write patterns for the tiny bear, lizards or hearts, but I did notice a couple of other blogs this month with heart patterns...


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